Tips for the Ultimate Green Home, Health & Lawn Workshop

Room 11

Jackson Madnick’s “ Ultimate Green Home, Health & Lawn Tips” workshop.

The Internationally noted and award winning speaker, Jackson Madnick of Wayland, MA gives a 3 part power point program including:
1) How to make the home and work environment healthier. (These are all simple remedies that matter, but most people don’t know about them).

2) Tips for minor life style modification allowing the average human to live 25 years longer with quality of life and help your dog live another 5 years.

3) Lawn secrets to better your existing lawn, including his development of Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed, a grass seed which offers an organic lawn you mow only once a month, (to save 30 hours a summer on lawn care), never needs chemicals (to be safer for children and animals) and saves 75% of all the water, time and money now consumed by lawn care every summer.

Jackson Madnick has given his presentation all over North America at a number of major conferences. His work has been commended by over 300 experts including two different White Houses, the United Nations, Bob Vila, Senator & Astronaut John Glenn & by a top NASA scientist, etc. All ages of women & men find this short talk extremely interesting, useful and fun. People often take notes and this can be life changing (Add date, time (pm or am) and location here)

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