Peter Picone

Peter Picone

Ways to Enhance Wildlife in Your Habitat

Peter Picone, lifetime Connecticut native, has been working as a wildlife biologist for over 25 years and will share his insights on creating seasonal habitat for songbirds using native plants.   Have you ever wondered what does the American Goldfinch really eat in the wild: does it only eat thistle from a feeder?   What do songbirds like the Scarlet Tanager or Wood thrush feed on in the fall when the frost hits and there are no more insects to eat?     What variety of foods does the Wild Turkey feed on in your neighborhood?   Is the Wild Turkey dependent on food from your feeder?   In the dead of the winter, what do our resident songbirds feed on ?    What plants provide winter food sources at a time of food scarcity?   What kinds of trees do Mourning Doves select for nesting in early spring?  Where does the Northern Cardinal or the Downy Woodpecker rest at night ?     When you choose a plant for your property are you considering its “ecological function” and how it enhances wildlife habitat?    Come to Mr. Picone’s lecture and you will learn that you can make a difference for wildlife in your surroundings by the plants you choose to plant and their arrangement.

Gardening For Pollinators

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Plants make a difference for wildlife.   Plants are the foundation of habitat.  Habitat quality and quantity depends on plants.   Want to learn what plants provide songbirds, hummingbirds and beneficial insects with seasonal food and cover?   Peter Picone, wildlife biologist, will present an educational powerpoint on ways to create and enhance wildlife habitat in your surroundings. […]

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Ways To Enhance Wildlife Habitat In Your Surroundings