Paul Miskovsky

Paul Miskovsky

A Clash of Passions along with Roger Swain

Such a man is Paul Miskovsky, a true hybrid, with traditional horticultural education and an innate ability to make design look and feel natural. His mastery of earth-moving machinery, keen eye, and uncanny passion for the finished canvas, is as unique as nature itself. He calls it Naturescaping. Many call it art.  Invite Miskovsky into your life and he will open up endless possibilities, unveiling a whole new world right from your current yard. The secret may be that he is an expert listener, able to translate and create almost simultaneously. He places significant weight on your individual lifestyle so that it becomes the roadmap to your new oasis.  Not so surprising, Naturescaping can be achieved on any scale and on any property. Yes, Miskovsky the visionary, is also practical.

A Clash of Passions

Room 11

  Join Roger Swain of PBS’s TV’s   ” The Victory Garden” and Paul Miskovsky, Cape Cod’s fabulous landscape designer, for a no-holds barred, free-for-all, audience participation encouraged, debate abou whether gardens should please the eye or the mouth. May the best plants win.   Related

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