Cathy Miller

Cathy Miller

Yes, They Really are Dried Flowers!

 Room 13 ~ Saturday 12:30

Cathy was born of very musical and artistic parents.  Her mother was concert pianist and her father founded the Peragallo Pipe Organ Company.  She appeared in her first piano recital at7 1/2 year of age and continued the concert stage until her 16th birthday.

Though music was a dominant factor in her early life, her tremendous love for flowers made her an avid gardener as well.  She still has vivid recollection of er grandmother’s lovely gardens, particularly her has perennial beds, and her mother’s fragrant rose gardens!

This love of flower intensified after Cathy married and settled in Wycokoff, NJ wither husband two daughters.  She joined the Wyckoff Garden Club, serving later as its president.   A natural born arranger, she was the recipient of many blue ribbons as well as the coveted Tricolor and Creativity Awards, locally and at state shows.

Some 30 years ago, the Miller’s acquired an Upstate New York far, where she grew an abundance of beautiful flowers.  It was then she began experimenting with the drying process so she could preserve some of the s gorgeous Summer magic!!

Her first artificial appeared in Family Circle Magazine , June 1976 issue.  Since then, she has completed dozens of assignments for Family Circlen flower arrangements.  To date, Cathy has completed 62 dried flower creations for the t House from Carter through G W Bush!

e, including their supplements, as well as Better Home s& Garden’s, Brides, Victorian Decorating, Women’s Day’s Gardening magazine:  Weekend Decorating, Gardening & Outdoor Living and many other national magazines.

She appeared on 32 TV Shows, including Bill Bogg’s Saturday Morning Live Show, NJ 12 TV News, Discovery Channel & the Victory Garden.

Response to the dried flower demonstrations has been widespread and very warmly received.

Her crowning achievement came in October 1979, when she made her first trip to the White House in Washington, D.C. to create some of her very own dried garden.

Yes, They Really are Dried Flowers!

Room 13

It will be my pleasure to create before your eyes, a “WHITE HOUSE Replica” using all my own home=grown dried flowers!!  I will describe the methods used in drying flowers and show all the steps leading up to the creation of a gorgeous completed dried flower arrangement. Related

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