Bettina Mueller

Bettina Mueller

The Tea Garden in Tivoli

Bettina Mueller is the author of A Taste of Heaven and Earth (Harper Perennial) which was nominated for a Julia Child Award, and The World in a Bowl of Tea (Harper Perennial).

At various times she’s been a cook on a working tugboat, a news photographer, owner and chef of a pioneering vegetarian restaurant, and executive of a cutting edge Internet company.

In addition to her interest in food and media, she’s been a lifelong student of Zen, the Japanese Tea Ceremony, and the natural world.

Drawing from her three decades long study of the Japanese Tea tradition where greateven legendarygardens are small by necessity, Bettina sets out to turn her 1/8 of an acre backyard in the small village of Tivoli, New York into a private world of beauty and tranquility.

A Tea Garden in Tivoli. American Garden Design Inspired by the Japanese Way of Tea

Room 12

When Zen student and award-winning author Bettina Mueller bought an 1860 farmhouse in the quaint Dutchess County village of Tivoli NY, its quarter-acre lot was a strip of dirt, a blacktop driveway, a metal shed, and cement blocks: “no plantings, no view, no vista, little space for a garden. It was perfect for what I […]

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